THE WITNESS at the Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Plaza in Kingston, NY, July 2021

02.10.2021, United States of America, Claire Chase, Archive of the future, Concert, Conscious movement, Device studies / Technology development, Experimentation, Field Research, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Score, Site-specific, Sound art, Sound action to be replicated, Soundscape, Transdisciplinary research, Vocalities, Workshop, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Ecology, Ethnomusicology, Inter-arts, Locative audio, Multispecies research, Philosophy, Psychoacoustics, Soundscape studies, Spirituality, Technology, Eco-grief, Healing, Human footprint, Taking turns with Earth, Time scales

41.930174900101° / -74.00535748413°

The Deep Listening Plaza, established as a permanent space by the City of Kingston to honor Pauline Oliveros’ enduring contributions to music and the sacred rituals of deep listening, was the site of a community gathering and performance of "The Witness" in July 2021. Fragments of the event are seen here, featuring Henry Lowengrad, masks and electronics; Peter Wetzler, accordion; IONE, text/movement/performance; Claire Chase, flutes; Senem Pirler, electronics; Susie Ibarra, percussion; Alex Peh, percussion; and community participation.

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