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04.10.2021, Bolivia, Sonandes, Archive of the future, Field Research, Site-specific, Soundscape, Vocalities, Acoustic ecology, Biology, Ecoacoustics, Ecology, Field recording, Climate change, Eco-grief, Human footprint, Listening as activism

-16.968322318655° / -65.403838168725°

Longitude / Latitude / Altitude: 17°23′00″S 65°03′00″O / 4.717 msnm

Department / Province / Municipality: Cochabamba / Tiraque / Shinahota

Duración: 08:13

Tipo: Binaural, mp3, 320kbps

Dialogue with the forest ranger on the situation of access to research in the protected areas of Bolivia, the difficulties that the government interposes through extensive bureaucratic processes and the different research projects that are currently taking place in the area:

– Study on timber trees

– CO2 emissions

– Mushrooms and orchids

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