Sounds of Dandelion Community Garden

28.07.2021, Switzerland, Manon Fantini, Archive of the future, Experimentation, Site-specific, Workshop, Field recording, Locative audio, Anthropocene, Cooperation, Wisdom keepers

47.452106007649° / 8.5894927276559°

 – SONIC MATTER_village workshop – Quelle: Photographer: Jessica Huber

Workshop for children with guest artist Jessica Huber. Exploration around sound, movement, materiality and imagination. Participants listen to the sounds in and around the Dandelion Garden and recreate their characteristics with a combination of movement and surprising materials. Together, the budding researchers search for appropriate sound forms to play as an orchestre the sonic atmosphere of this multicultural place.

21.07.2021, Hegnerhof Intercultural Garden, Kloten

LLANCHAMA COCHA SOUNDSCAPE COLLECTION #2: Early morning in Sapara forest

Sounds of Dandelion Community Garden

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