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03.12.2021, Bolivia, Sonandes, Experimentation, Field Research, Sound action to be replicated, Workshop, Deep listening practices, Field recording, Locative audio, Soundscape studies, Cooperation, Extractivism, Human footprint

-19.573560161967° / -65.756768502496°

Workshop with the students from the Young Philharmonic Orchestra from Potosi city.We presented a silent video filmed on the Potosi silver mine and asked the students to recreate the sounds with found objects of the academy. We used different microphones, piezoelectric transducers and audio recorders to improvise over the film.
Besides was the first time they had contact with such concepts of foley and sound improvisation, the groups thought about the physicality, the acoustic properties and emotion of sound.
Workshop organized by Sonandes and lead by Guely MoratĂł and VĂ­ctor MazĂłn Gardoqui.

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