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16.09.2021, Bolivia, Sonandes, Archive of the future, Experimentation, Field Research, Site-specific, Acoustic ecology, Anthropology, Biology, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Ecology, Field recording, Climate change, Eco-grief, Listening as activism

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Conversation under intense tropical rain with Carrasco National Park ranger Vladimir Marca, while we tour different areas of the park. During the conversation he tells us about the biodiversity of the Carrasco park, showing different types of orchids, plants, ferns and tells us the need to preserve the balance between the different ecosystems and the food chain between the various predators, since each animal or plant it has its predator, and it is the balance of the ecosystem that preserves it.
https://voicesoftheforest.net/programs/depredadores-de-…-lluvia-tropical/ ‎

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