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28.07.2021, Canada, Terri Hron, Experimentation, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Score, Sound art, Workshop, Deep listening practices, Inter-arts, Eco-grief, Listening as activism, Worlding

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 – Workshop, material collection – Quelle: Recording with Ensemble Paramirabo

This webpage tells the in progress story of the development of the multiform work Emerald Ash.

Emerald Ash is a work for six instrumentalists and electronics. It was commissioned by Ensemble Paramirabo for performance in September 2021.

Emerald Ash is a meditation on the fate of the ash trees in Eastern North America, who are being decimated by the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of jewel beetle that was brought over from Northeastern Asia, likely in the 1980s. In Montreal, where I live, some 40,000 ash trees are being cut down to reduce the spread of the insect, and it is estimated that most ash trees will not survive. A few trees, especially in the cities–in Montreal around 8000––are being spared with the use of a pesticide called TreeAzin, which must be administered by injection every two years.

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