"The witness" score by Pauline Oliveros; introduction by Manari Ushigua, version by: Cesar Ushigua, Antonio Ushigua, Diego Ushigua, Ipiak Ushigua, Nema Ushigua, Silvia Rodas, Ricardo Ushigua, from Llanchama Cocha, Sapara Nation, Amazonia

LLANCHAMA COCHA SOUNDSCAPE COLLECTION #1: Sapara Forest around the midnight

A global message from Llanchama Cocha by Manari Ushigua, Sapara Nation, Amazonia

18.05.2021, Ecuador, Manari Ushigua, Archive of the future, Site-specific, Talk, Vocalities, Ecology, Politics, Spirituality, Climate change, Healing, Human footprint, Listening as activism, More-than-humans, Taking turns with Earth, Wisdom keepers

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The rainforest wants to teach us humans to enter its system of life. We humans must respect it as the rainforest respects us. As the rainforest connects life under the soil, as well as above and between the leaves of trees. This is the history that the Sapara Nation wants to tell: the past is the present in this moment, in the rainforest, as living knowledge.


Mensaje global de Manari Ushigua desde Llanchama, Nación Sápara, Amazonía.

“Historia de la Selva NAKU”. La selva nos quiere enseñar a los humanos: tenemos que entrar en su sistema de vida. Donde los humanos tenemos que empezar a respetar como “ellos” lo hacen, como “ellos” viven su conexión debajo de la tierra y entre las hojas. Eso es lo que nosotros queremos contar, esta historia, y el pasado está ahí presente, en este momento, en la selva, como una sabiduría viva.

“The Witness” score by Pauline Oliveros; introduction by Manari Ushigua, version Llanchama Cocha (Sapara Nation, Amazonia), Montreal, Quito

Frogs and toads music in Mindo Forest

THE WITNESS/EL TESTIGO, score by/partitura de Pauline Oliveros, version LLANCHAMA COCHA – QUITO – MONTREAL – NEW YORK


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