Dandelion Holiday Research Group

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Dandelion Holiday Research Group
BiografieAn ephemeral community of 12 children between the ages of 5 and 9: in turn researchers-listeners, instrument makers, composers and interpreters of the sounds of the intercultural garden Hegnerhof during a summer day.
The group was created thanks to the support of the Association Freetime Kloten (VFK) and the cultural center Hegnerhof. Hegnerhof is an association that enables people to live, work, learn and create together in the center of Kloten - down-to-earth and visionary. It supports cultural projects and promotes exchange in the fields of the arts, society and the environment, paying attention to sustainability, social integration and participation. Hegnerhof acts non-profit, respects the personal and strengthens the common.
Part of Hegnerhof, Dandelion is a community garden features circular beds for cultivation. Neighbors, who may or may not know each other, from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds, share tools, help each other out, and create a place where fresh vegetables can grow alongside encounters.

The ephemeral research group was lead by artist Jessica Huber with the help of Anja Temperli, Adrian Notz and Anthon Astrom as part of the SONIC MATTER_village program.
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