Krisian Tanjung

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Krisian Tanjung
BiografieHery Kristian Buana Tanjung, also known as Hery Glenn, has completed his master's degree in art at the Yogyakarta Art Institute, majoring in music composition under the guidance of Royke B. Koapaha and Memet Chairul Slamet. Learned music composition with Michael Asmara, Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto, Toni Maryana, and Patrick Gunawan Hartono.
Hery Glenn also attended several composition workshops from several composers such as Rodercik De Man, Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Vincent McDermott, Dieter Mack and Otto Sidharta.
Hery Glenn collaborates with interdisciplinary artists including Angel Salvatore (Philippines), a movie maker and several choreographers such as Angela Vela Hernandez (Spain), Mila Rosinta (Indonesia), Ari Ersandi (Indonesia) and several others. Hery is also the founder of Kovajiva Mobile Studio with his partner Valentina Ambarwati, a choreographer, since 2019 until now.
Hery is very fond of composition and has made several pieces of minimalist and electronic music. Currently, Hery works as a music composition lecturer at Universal University Batam, Indonesia.