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Samantha Canchola
BiografieDESCRIPTION Samantha Canchola aka Putz Amatizta: «Widow» / 7:24

Widow is a track that talks about the transmutation of elements, about access to other dimensions through different states of matter in relation to the frequency of thought, speculative landscapes that interact multidimensionally, connect with nature as a result of bright and hypnotic This piece was produced intended as a sonic portal. It represents a very internal and dark process of people who are in very strong moments of depression, the track seeks to be a portrait of the processes of anxiety, loneliness, catharsis and reunion with one.
Production made in Mexico City for Infra Records (Guadalajara) in the 2020 compilation "Círculo Fantasma". The piece is made up of a series of samples with audio synthesis processes, field recordings, noise, voice, special effects and Korg synthesizers.


Puzz Amatizta is a solo project of Samantha C. She was born in 1994 in the City of Nezahualcoyotl, Edoméx.
I study in Mexico City with the degree in Communication Sciences at the University of the Americas and Arts Plastic at the Faculty of San Carlos of the UNAM; Currently a multidisciplinary artist and activist.

The sound of Puzz combines music, performance with industrial sounds, noise and abstract voices. It uses digital and analog resources to explore dierent sound textures forming a danceable and spatial powerelectronics. It is part of the Mexican label Silencio.Ep! as well as of compiled Feminoise Latin America IV (ARG) , Musexplat (MX), Inside Joe Records
(EEUU), Círculo Fantasma (MX) and Muses & Sirens (GR).
He has two solo albums “My super powers vomit acid” 2019, “Obsidian” 2020 one in collaboration with Alfonso Liebano aka AL “aplena obscura” 2020 and another with Sara Fernández (Colombia) “Holograma” 2022.
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