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Ian Epps

Ian Epps: «In Kelvin's Distance»

«By dreams of marine flares
and inflatables, buoyant smoke, percolating fret,
one is weakened. Violence enters the imagination.»

- Bitumen, from «The Road In is Not the Same Road Out by Karen Solie»

Cave of the Eye is an examination of the preternatural and shifts in collective understanding; offering a lens to view spectres in the psyche, as well as a metaphor for nature and its beautiful violent momentum.
It flees the orchard and enters the sea In preparing these compositions, I became fascinated with a few moments in history, phantoms of the mind and explorations in immateriality*.
Cave of the Eye is a meditative, improvisational performance recorded in one take. An emotional work of heavy harmonics.
I imagined your internal space as indiscernible from the outside. A sea of noise and its tides washing through you.
Atmospherics cascade across landscape and density folds in on air.
This density is an act of decimation.
To dissolve the self into an illusory terrain.
A third space flickering under the curtain.


Ian Epps ist ein in Brooklyn ansässiger Musiker, der Immaterielles, Dichte und Harmonik in der Musik erforscht. Er kombiniert Vollspektrum-Klang, Raumklang und Rückkopplungen, die hypersensibel und gleichzeitig unbestimmt expansiv sind. Indem er dem physischen Klang und der Dynamik des Raums erlaubt die Akustik zu beeinflussen, wird der Raum als Instrument gespielt. Seine Arbeiten wurden in internationalen Museen und Institutionen ausgestellt, darunter das MoMA PS1, das Museum of Modern Art, das New Museum, Gagosian, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, das Walker Art Center und das Carré d'Art - Musée d'art Contemporain.