Toposition(s) #3

17.05.2021, Canada, Charles-Antoine Fréchette, Concert, Music, Acoustic Ecology, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Ecology, Field recording, Philosophy, Politics, Psychoacoustics, Soundscape studies, Spirituality, Anthropocene, Climate change, Eco-grief, Exploitation, Human footprint, Listening as activism, More-than-humans, Time scales

48.513062736111° / -68.641118470831°

 – Concert premiere at the Contemporary Art Center of Galicia – Quelle: Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

In the series of piece Toposition(s), I’m trying to explore the inner proportions, structures and morphologies of environmental sounds once incarnated and embodied by musicians. Those explorations has lead me to develop a theoretical method of composition which I call «ecomimicry». Toposition(s) #3 is mostly based on different behaviours of waves – light squall, small waves breaking on pebbles, heavy swell-, but also, of sounds of whales – humpback and beluga whale- and the resonating interior of a boat stuck in a tempest. Although they sometimes echo or merge themselves, each instrumental voice evolves independently from an ensemble of constraints to another, like different superimposed fluxes – which explains the title «to position(s)». All the pieces from this series exploit an unconventional and different setting in the space - «topo» from greek «topoï»: place.

Theme of Research