March 6, 2023
00:00-23:59 CET

and Fulya Uçanok (TR)

Photo of Hugo Vasco Reis by Johannes Lins

Photo of Hugo Vasco Reis by Johannes Lins

Hugo Vasco Reis’ „Cinco Lugares Sobre a Fragilidade" (Five Places About Fragility) take us to the heartland of Portugal to five villages that, through field recordings, slowly reveal to the listener their very specific sonic characteristics of their natural and man-made environment, their daily activities and seasonal weather conditions. Sounds, as the composer writes, often „do not assume a major importance in our hearing.“ And yet these very sounds are what make possible the recognition of a place, the feeling of identification and belonging to a place. Indeed, these soundscapes are fragile, doomed to disappear irrevocably with economic progress, gentrification, and climate change.

In FIVE PLACES ABOUT FRAGILITY I-V (2022), composer Hugo Vasco Reis creates a symbiosis between the development of an ecosystem and his artistic practice. The project is dedicated to the soundscapes of the ensuing villages:

- Oleiros
- Proença-a-Nova
- Mação

Istanbul based composer, performer and researcher Fulya Uçanok expresses in her work the attraction and curiosity to attend others and „otherness“, and - as she writes - „to investigate interfaces of connection within social sound engagements.“ These inquiries are explored through collaborations with musicians and with non-human bodies; "more-than-human agents and physical material agents," as Uçanok explains. An excellent example of such investigations is the project S-wallow-ING I + II, in which the artist looks for ways to "sounding together": the two chirping swallows and her listening and responding musically to them.

On every even hour:
00:00:00 - 00:08:21 Temporary Residing - Fulya Uçanok
00:08:21 - 00:11:57 S-wallow-ING I - Fulya Uçanok
00:11:57 - 00:23:58 Five Places About Fragility I - Hugo Vasco Reis
00:23:58 - 00:28:50 Assembly - Fulya Uçanok
00:28:50 - 00:32:21 S-wallow-ING II - Fulya Uçanok
00:32:21 - 00:44:22 Five Places About Fragility II - Hugo Vasco Reis
00:44:22 - 00:49:18 Balloons For Thought - Fulya Uçanok
00:49:18 - 00:51:18 Five Places About Fragility III - Hugo Vasco Reis
00:51:18 - 00:57:48 Swarming - Fulya Uçanok
00:57:48 - 01:09:49 Five Places About Fragility IV - Hugo Vasco Reis
01:09:49 - 01:12:30 Crackle Away - Fulya Uçanok
01:12:30 - 01:24:31 Five Places About Fragility V - Hugo Vasco Reis
01:24:31 - 01:27:56 Towards - Fulya Uçanok
01:27:56 - 01:43:31 Scenes from spaces and traces - Fulya Uçanok
01:43:31 - 01:48:35 Moment(o) Zero - Hugo Vasco Reis

Website Hugo Vasco Reis

Website Fulya Uçanok

Photo of Fulya Uçanok by Ege Davrak

Photo of Fulya Uçanok by Ege Davrak

blablabor in the BACK ROOM of SONIC MATTER_radio

Suddenly they tune in, the radio artists of blablabor in their ominous back room. If you're lucky, you micht catch them…

The back room is furnished with a worn sofa, a coffee machine (but who is actually responsible for disposing of the coffee grounds?) and newspapers from the last few weeks. blablabor listens to the radio, reads coffee grounds and bundles up old newspapers. In between, it moderates the radio programme. Sets measures, determines, moderates, guides, directs. That's how the definition of moderation wants it. With blablabor, this results in a cheerful play with one's own actions. Moderation becomes the subject of poetry, sound and play.

About blablabor

A commission of the SONIC MATTER Platform, supported by SRKS - Foundation for Radio and Culture Switzerland and SWISS PERFORM.

jingles and

2021 SONIC MATTER_radio commissioned artists Annette Schmucki and Reto Friedmann of blablabor.

"jingles and signets" blablabor makes music out of the words sonic, matter and radio; small precise figures of word and sound. Jingles. Core and gestalt of SONIC MATTER_radio.

blablabor creates a collection of jingles and signets for SONIC MATTER_radio. These set themselves apart from the rest of SONIC MATTER_Radio's music program by being consistently based on language. The name 'SONIC MATTER_radio' serves as the linguistic basis; spoken, played or sung. Always in the air the recognizable same or similar sound. The small composed text shapes are distributed to the musicians of the blablembles, who translate them into sound, tone, rhythm, and send the recordings to blablabor. blablabor produces the jingles from the growing speech-musical material. Participating artists so far: Hartmut Andres, voice, blablabor, voice, Andrew Digby, trombone, Martin Lorenz, drum, Christoph Luchsinger, trumpet, Eva Nievergelt, voice, Lucas Rössner, bassoon, Daniel Studer, double bass, Stephan Wittwer, e-guitar.

Here you find more details about the individual jingles and signets


SONIC MATTER_radio is an essential partner of the festival throughout the year, not only broadcasting but also "listening". SONIC MATTER always stays within earshot of our audiences and artists by addressing current and relevant issues that concern them and reflecting them in music and radio art. Through "Open Calls" and widespread collaborations, we aim to build an accessible and sustainable presence locally, nationally and internationally. Above all, SONIC MATTER_radio plays a lot of music. It sees itself as an information carrier for the festival as well as an art radio, thus broadcasting information about the festival activities, interviews with SONIC MATTER artists, live streams, educational activities, and features from our guest festivals. SONIC MATTER_radio also presents artistic works developed specifically for the medium of radio.

SONIC MATTER_radio is generously supported by srks/fsrc - Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture and SWISSPERFORM.

(coming soon)

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