Municipal Silver School of PotosĂ­

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Municipal Silver School of PotosĂ­
BiographyThe municipal silver school of PotosĂ­, Bolivia, is a training school with the objective of turning Villa Imperial de PotosĂ­, into the hotbed of the best artisans of silver that is extracted from Cerro Rico. This school is an initiative of the Manquiri mining company, the municipality of PotosĂ­ and the Chamber of Artisans, in cooperation with IILA (International Italian-Latin American organization), to support female entrepreneurs in the artisanal jewelry sector of PotosĂ­. Together they form about business development in jewelry, with a training program, with state-of-the-art equipment and tools for the teaching and production of jewelry and handicrafts, which encourages administrators to initiate the procedures to achieve their business development.
The Silver School works in the facilities of the restored Ichuni silver mill and its students are trained for seven months in design techniques, chiselling, embossing, enamelling, filigree, lost wax and glass fusing.
Together with Sonandes researchers (Guely Morató and Víctor Mazón), an active group of teachers and students of the School, reflected and contributed with the specific sounds (musique concrète) that results from the process of making silver and jewelry pieces, as well as, together with the master craftsmen, silver sound bodies were created, that were installed and activated in the Salar de Thunupa.
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