Heinz Antonio Basagoitia Acuña

Heinz Antonio Basagoitia Acuna
Heinz Antonio Basagoitia Acuña
BiographyHeinz Antonio was born in 1986 in the Imperial Villa of PotosĂ­, Bolivia. He is a restorer graduated from the PotosĂ­ Workshop School, specialized in viceregal painting and sculpture.
He is a Higher Technician in Ethno-tourism graduated from the Higher Institute Humberto Portocarrero. He is currently studying Philosophy at the Bolivian Catholic University.

As a researcher, his specialty is PotosĂ­ history from the 16th-18th centuries focused on the art and culture of that period. His written works, whether of popularization and scientific research, are published in magazines and newspapers of national circulation.
Founding member and number partner of the Society for Historical Research of PotosĂ­, he is currently preparing various works, in particular one on the pre-Hispanic past of PotosĂ­ and the history of the Diocese of Potosina that will soon be published.
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