Wire cutter by IR :: Sankara Future Dub Resurgence & Dhangsha - Nuanced Sound Mix

30.04.2022, Uganda, Simon Grab, Conscious movement, Music, Poetry, myths and legends, Politics, Colonialism

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This video was filmed at the Dub Museum in Kireka, Kampala Uganda.

Directed by Ssozi Joseph
Cinematographer: Twine Patrick
Edited by Joshua BLACK Alibet

We dedicate this video to the memory of the indigenous writer, publisher, and photographer Gregg Young-Ing.

This track was a completely live improvised performance as Ras Isaac, Ras Charles and Kabaka labartin Klacity flowed alongside an electronic composition created by Dhangsha.
Guided by Ancestral spirits they create a live dub mix which not only celebrates music but fully joyously and fearlessly embraces moments of silence. As IR states in one of its art poster "In Silence We Prepare."Moments of silence are often hallmarks of IR recordings. Visually in the video some of these moments of silence are marked by images taken by IR of some special spiritual places and ceremonies. For example, the living tree in Eritrea that has a small church with a statue of a Black Mary inside the tree trunk as well as images from traditional Oromo spiritual ceremony taken near Ambo in Ethiopia where IR witnessed women go into trance during zar ceremonies.

Joshua BLACK Alibet and Ramjac later added some magic audio touches.

These are the lyrics

As we contemplate
That which is outside
Time and space
This dhangsha track is what we use
To meditate

They attempt to wrap us in barb wire
Confine us
Define us
Stigmatize us

We use our wire cutter
To escape
So we can alter the mindscape

We only fearthe collapse of the imagination
A lack of indignation
At human rights violations

We will never respect borders
They aren't of our making

Yes I conspire
Yes I seek to inspire
Yes I move with guile
Underground resistance
My style

We only fear
Fear itself
We only fear a collapse of the imagination

We use the wire cutter to reveal
There is life that comes from truth
There is life that comes from truth


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