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01.05.2021, Bolivia, Sonandes, Concert, Conscious movement, Experimentation, Performance, Score, Sound art, Sound action to be replicated, Soundscape, Transdisciplinary research, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Field recording, Locative audio, Soundscape studies, Cooperation, Extractivism, Human footprint, Listening as activism

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Three fragmentsInteractive sound experienceSpeaker assemblySound material: Sinusoidal waves and recordings made inside the mine.Action: 14 people, each with a speaker, move the speakers with outstretched arms and move around in a closed spaceAction carried out by primary school students from the Pulacayo school, together with Guely Morató, Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, Miguel Llanque and Canela Palacios.Recorded by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui at the Pulacayo AuditoriumAssembly and spatialization: Miguel Llanque

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