The Witness performed by SAMPle, audio excerpt

Rapid Snowmelt Mt. Rainier

"The Witness" Davinia Acres Farms concert excerpt

24.08.2021, USA, Caroline Louise Miller, Concert, Experimentation, Performance, Score, Soundscape, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Field recording, Climate change, Eco-grief, Healing, Listening as activism, More-than-humans

45.362154920332° / -122.35878816173°

This is an excerpt from the Laptop Ensemble concert at Davinia Acres Farms, in which students performed "The Witness" as well as several student text scores. This audio sample is from Juliana Bigelow's text score, which reads "Together, come to chaos." The ending of the audio captures a moment in which raindrops begin striking the array of field recorders.

THE WITNESS/EL TESTIGO, score by/partitura de Pauline Oliveros, version LLANCHAMA COCHA – QUITO – MONTREAL – NEW YORK

Walking through Historic Summit Tunnel, Donner Pass

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