"The Witness" Davinia Acres Farms concert excerpt

The Witness performed by SAMPle, audio excerpt

Rapid Snowmelt Mt. Rainier

Rehearsal at Peninsula Park, North Portland

21.05.2021, USA, Caroline Louise Miller, Experimentation, Music, Performance, Soundscape, Workshop, Deep listening practices, Ecoacoustics, Locative audio, Soundscape studies, Technology, Climate change, Eco-grief, Listening as activism, More-than-humans

45.5674558° / -122.6734142°

 – Rehearsal – Quelle: Photograph by Lee Dunn

Students in SAMPle (SAMP’s Laptop Ensemble), directed by Christi Denton, workshop “The Witness” in preparation for a final concert in June. Lee Dunn, a student in the department of film, documented the rehearsal and took photographs. Students improvised with field recordings taken at Horning Seed Orchard, which was partially burned in the autumn 2020 wildfires. Community members strolling through the park stopped briefly to listen and ask questions.

Lee Dunn, Photo - Christi Denton, Laptop Ensemble Director

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