Recycling art by Yao Bobby

02.05.2022, Togo, Yao Bobby, Conscious movement, Ecology, Politics, Human footprint

6.2095767561459° / 1.476333685187°

Recyclart sculptures by openlab collaborator Yao Bobby, created from found objects and trash.

As his music is often censured in togolese media for its radical political perpectives, Yao Bobby finds other ways to bring across his messages through his sculptures.

Since the 1990s, Yao Bobby has been making his mark as an activist in African rap and has participated in building up a Pan-African hip hop movement. His artistic earmarks are strong lyrics in French and Ewe and a surprising flow.

He has released on Nomadic Wax New York and has been featured on many albums. He lives in Agbodrafo Togo where he opened up a small cultural centre for music and arts, with exhibitions, concerts and community works, also showing his sculpture works.


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