reading between the lines: when growth ended

14.07.2021, Canada, Deborah Carruthers, Archive of the future, Field research, Multimedia, Site-specific, Transdisciplinary research, Anthropology, Biology, Deep listening practices, Ecology, Field recording, Inter-arts, Multispecies research, Anthropocene, Climate change, Colonialism, Human footprint, More-than-humans, Taking turns with Earth, Time scales

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Creating a portrait of our Witness requires delving as deeply into their history as is possible. Attempting to determine their age, I discovered a Google Map satellite view from July 2019 which shows our Witness with no foliage (circled in red) along with two other trees which now all remain as stumps on the property.
I have made inquiries at the Maison Saint-Gabriel regarding records of when those trees were felled but will not be able to have an answer until after July 15, 2021, when they are scheduled to reopen.
This allows a clearer picture of when their growth ended, now to dig and see when it started.
Hopefully, there will be images: a photograph, painting, or drawing which will indicate when they came to be at the Maison Saint-Gabriel. Or perhaps a written description in a letter, newspaper, or farm inventory.

Screen capture of Google Maps

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