reading between the lines: In the beginning… 1662

19.07.2021, Canada, Deborah Carruthers, Archive of the future, Field research, Multimedia, Score, Site-specific, Transdisciplinary research, Biology, Deep listening practices, Ecology, Field recording, Inter-arts, Multispecies research, Eco-grief, Human footprint, More-than-humans, Taking turns with Earth, Time scales

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 – Site Visit - Archival research – Quelle: Photograph: Deborah Carruthers

The land was acquired by Marguerite Bourgeoys, founder of the Congregation of Notre-Dame de Montréal, in 1662, and the house was acquired from François Le Ber in 1668. Until 1673, The farmhouse is where the Filles du Roy stayed when they arrived in “Ville-Marie”. Due to its historical/cultural significance, there is ample documentation regarding the property: writings, drawings, paintings, and photographs. The farmhouse itself is now a museum, and part of its archival focus is the horticultural history.
Identifying the Witness Tree from these materials and creating a timeline of witnessed history should be therefore be possible. Tissue samples from the stump will help to identify industrial and environmental events (ie: heavy metals, amendments to soil, etc).

Photograph: Deborah Carruthers

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