reading between the lines: starting to search for roots

12.07.2021, Canada, Deborah Carruthers, Archive of the future, Field research, Score, Site-specific, Transdisciplinary research, Anthropology, Biology, Ecology, Field recording, Inter-arts, Multispecies research, Anthropocene, Climate change, Colonialism, More-than-humans, Taking turns with Earth, Time scales

45.820736° / -74.341331°

 – Site Visit - Archival research – Quelle: © Deborah Carruthers

I intend to visit these potential Witnesses and explore of their sites and histories. Photography, drawing, painting, and field recordings/deep listening are all part of my process, and I would intend for the research to culminate in a graphic score.
Due to Covid-19 and ever-changing travel restrictions within the province of Québec, visiting areas such as the Abitibi became problematic, and I decided to limit my search to within three hours of Montréal.

Photograph: Deborah Carruthers

Theme of Research