"The Witness" Davinia Acres Farms concert excerpt

The Witness performed by SAMPle, audio excerpt

Rapid Snowmelt Mt. Rainier

"Fusing" by Juliana Bigelow Sonic Arts and Music Production, Portland State University

08.04.2021, USA, Caroline Louise Miller, Concert, Music, Performance, Score, Deep listening practices, Cooperation, Listening as activism

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 – Text score workshop – Quelle: Juliana Bigelow, student in the Sonic Arts and Music Production Program at Portland State University

By Juliana Bigelow

Each performer should perform a set pattern of sounds.
One Performer should begin with their pattern, then another will join, another, and so on until all performers are performing their pattern.
Performers will determine their pattern by listening to the patterns before them.
One by one and without pre-determined order performers will stop their pattern until the ensemble reaches silence.
We can begin at different places, with unique ideas and over time fuse together.


Take as many moments as you need to take in the sounds of your environment.
First, play/sing/speak your response to those sounds.
Second, begin to transition towards sounds of the future.
What will this place be in the future.
What energy and emotions will it represent.
Allow yourself to let the sounds of the environment come into focus again as you fade to silence.

Walking through Historic Summit Tunnel, Donner Pass

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