Intimacy of lichens

03.09.2021, Brasil, Mélia Roger, Conscious movement, Device studies / Technology development, Experimentation, Field research, Performance, Sound art, Soundscape, Transdisciplinary research, Deep listening practices, Field recording, Locative audio, Soundscape studies, Sub-Acoustics, Technology, Cooperation, Eco-grief, Healing, Human footprint, Listening as activism, More-than-humans, Taking turns with Earth

-22.383653° / -44.552791°

Sound device for empathic listening through touch 

Developed during the art-science residency RESILIÊNCIA:artists in residence 
at SILO, Serrinha do Alambari, SP BRAZIL

A global message from Llanchama Cocha by Manari Ushigua, Sapara Nation, Amazonia

LLANCHAMA COCHA SOUNDSCAPE COLLECTION #1: Sapara Forest around the midnight

Whisperings of the forest

Theme of Research