"The Witness" Davinia Acres Farms concert excerpt

The Witness performed by SAMPle, audio excerpt

Rapid Snowmelt Mt. Rainier

Decaying Lattice with Hand Shadow, Donner Pass California

21.05.2021, USA, Caroline Louise Miller, Conscious movement, Experimentation, Multimedia, Site-specific, Economy, Politics, Social studies, Anthropocene, Eco-grief, Exploitation, Human footprint, Listening as activism

39.3159° / -120.3216°

 – Quelle: Filming Expedition

Still image from a filming expedition at sites around Northern California, August 2020. Donner Tunnels are filled with graffiti and decaying relics. These beams of wood were too high up to touch, so Stefani filmed me “touching with shadow.”

Still Image from Video, August 2020

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