Brainmusic - set of cards to stimulate auditive imagination

02.05.2022, Switzerland, Simon Grab, Score, Sound art, Sound action to be replicated, Deep listening practices, Listening as activism

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 – Public release by openlab collaborator Simon Grab – Quelle: Art work by Simon Grab

The cards are part of the art work BRAIN MUSIC #2 by Simon Grab.

BRAIN MUSIC #2 (Hirnmusik #2) is the second part of Simon Grabs art work about musical imagination, about the music that sometimes plays randomly or willingly in our heads.This time it’s an attempt to transfer his sonic ideas directly from his brain to vinyl. While cutting the Lacquer (the template which is sent to the pressing plant) Simon Grab stands aside the machine creating compositions on the spot in his imagination. Without knowing if his inner music got captured the vinyl gets produced in a limited edition of 200 copies. Due to the special cut the vinyl gets handpressed in the pressing plant.
The vinyl came back without sound on it. The experiment has greatly failed. Nothing on both sides, leaving the listeners with their own sound environment and their own music in the head.

The empty vinyl gives room for countless inner compositions by the listeners. Just play the record and listen to yourself. Or enjoy the silence! In fact, you actually don’t even need a record player. In case you don’t know how to handle the situation, the Vinyl Box contains 32 cards with suggestions how to listen to the vinyl. It also contains the script to the radioplay from his first work Hirnmusik #1.


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