"The Witness" Davinia Acres Farms concert excerpt

The Witness performed by SAMPle, audio excerpt

Rapid Snowmelt Mt. Rainier

Bloomer Cut Near Auburn

27.07.2021, USA, Caroline Louise Miller, Field research, Site-specific, Transdisciplinary research, Anthropology, Deep listening practices, Field recording, Inter-arts, Colonialism, Exploitation, Listening as activism

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 – Archival research – Quelle: No copyright, but the image is on display at the Getty in Los Angeles.

Archival photo of Bloomer Cut, once regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. Bloomer Cut was overwhelmingly constructed by Chinese Railroad Workers. It was opened for use in 1865, and remains in use today. A barely-marked trail behind suburban houses in Auburn California leads through grassland down to the tracks.

Walking through Historic Summit Tunnel, Donner Pass

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