Between lake and sea

30.05.2022, Togo, Yao Bobby, Archive of the future, Conscious movement, Field research, Ethnomusicology, Poetry, myths and legends, Social studies, Climate change

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Agbodrafo is a village on a small land strip between the Lake Togo and the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal line in Togo is the most vulnerable in times of climate change. The small strip between the lake and the sea might one day disappear. «Climate change is likely to exacerbate the physical and socio-economic vulnerabilities along the Togolese coast through sea level rise, and coastal flooding» as the World Bank Group writes in 2021.
Agbodrafo brings together fishermen from the sea and the lake, guardians of ancient traditions whose stories are gradually being forgotten. In the Lake are the fishermen from Benin, carrying within them the roots of vodoo, the whispers of the earth and the mysteries of the still waters. In the ocean work those who came from Ghana, risking their lives in their daily routine. They have inherited the rhythm, the strength of the voice, and the desire to go beyond the horizon.
We are listening to their chants, to what they tell us. We are observing, listening and recording the stories told in the lyrics of the local chants by fishermen, local storytellers and dancers, capturing their songs within their sound environment.By bringing them all together we try to start an awareness process of upcoming change.


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