Sussurros da floresta

A voz da floresta / The voice of the forest

12.05.2021, Brasil, Marcus Maeder, Field research, Soundscape, Transdisciplinary research, Acoustic Ecology, Ecology, Politics, Soundscape studies, Anthropocene, Climate change, Listening as activism

-2.593244° / -60.211875°

A voz da floresta is an audio excerpt from the "Espirito da floresta" performance by Marcus Maeder. It contains texts from the PNAS paper "Limiting the high impacts of Amazon forest dieback with no-regrets science and policy action" by David M. Lapola, Patricia Pinho, Carlos A. Quesada, Bernardo B. N. Strassburg, Anja Rammig, Bart Kruijt, Foster Brown, Jean P. H. B. Ometto, Adriano Premebida, Jose´ A. Marengo, Walter Vergara, and Carlos A. Nobre.

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