The community projects of «SONIC MATTER Platform for Experimental Music» are an invitation to explore our environment by listening to it and to contribute to the creation of sounding works of art. During the year workshops are conducted in Zurich communities of various ages and backgrounds. The outcomes of these workshops will be incorporated into artistic works displayed at the SONIC MATTER Festival. Since the founding of the platform the artist and architect Manon Fantini has been growing the «SONIC MATTER_village» in this spirit. In addition in 2022 the dramaturge and musician Iva Sanjek has hosted her «Listening Sessions» at SONIC MATTER for the first time.

_village 2022

Play the Village

Each year, the SONIC MATTER_village programme investigates how Zurich sounds and gives the answer to children in collaboration with guest artists. Whether working with centers around Zurich or searching for new sound panoramas through socially engaged organisations, the programme unfolds each year in the months leading up to the festival with workshops and culminates in a collective installation and performance.

For the 2022 edition, the programme has invited the artist Léo Collin to explore the Horgen region. Over the past few months and with socially committed partners, the artist has been able to record sounds at events that bring together people of all ages and backgrounds.

The results of these recordings will be presented during the 4 days of the festival at the Rote Fabrik in Zürich. For the participative sound installation and a performance, participants will be accompanied by the artists to «play» the recorded sounds and compose their own temporary sonic landscapes.

_village Team

Manon Fantini – Idea, Curation and Coordination

Léo Collin – Guest Artist 2022

With Many thanks to our production partners

2022: Zweckverband SNH - Soziales Netz Bezirk Horgen, Flick-Kafi Horgen - Repair Café, ziehLein, Rote Fabrik Zürich

The SONIC MATTER_village is supported by Genossenschaft Migros Zürich.

Find SONIC MATTER_village at the Festival 2022 as an interactive installation or as a participatice performance.


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Through collective sound research the Listening Sessions bring together groups of people from various backgrounds, who wish to share their memories and life realities with each other. In workshops participants listen to music they have brought with them from their own sound archives, sounds and favourite noises from their everyday surroundings. In addition to the sounds they have brought with them, new ones are collected on joint walks. The idea is to come together and listen to each other's sound worlds. These sonic environments recall joy, losses, relationships, places and create a closeness between people who maybe never met before. In the exchange beyond spoken language, collectivity is created and a wide variety of experiences are given expression - precisely where words fall short in relation to memories.

This year, the Listening Sessions were held with students of the Kantonsschule Im Lee Winterthur, accompanied by DJing workshops with DJ Roman Bruderer aka Doktor Rotman. You can experience the results at the SONIC MATTER Festival 2022 at the co-listening «Once Upon a Sound» on 3 September from 8:30 pm at the Gessnerallee.

Team Listening Sessions 2022

digital_analogue_lab / Iva Sanjek – Konzept & Leitung Listening Sessions, Co-Leitung Workshops

DJ Roman Bruderer aka Doktor Rotman – Co-Leitung Workshops

Peter Nussbaumer – Co-Leitung Workshops

Wir danken sehr herzlich dem Partner 2022

Kantonsschule Im Lee Winterthur

SONIC MATTER_village 2021

Over the course of 2021, the SONIC MATTER_village has been offering workshops to children in community centres of various neighbourhoods in the Canton of Zurich. These were dedicated to the auditory exploration of their immediate surroundings and to the construction of instruments from materials available on site. At the end of each workshop, participants formed small orchestras re-interpreting the sounds they had previously listened to and recorded. The audio pieces that were created at these workshops enabled Zurich’s neighbourhoods to resonate from the perspective of their inhabitants.

The _village project was presented as part of the SONIC MATTER festival on December 5, 2021 at Kunstraum Walcheturm. During a performance with the artists that have lead the workshops, collected audio fragments of the _village program were mixed in with sounds generated live on site. An accompanying installation presented images, objects and sounds from the different workshops.

Idea, curation and coordination: Manon Fantini
Guest artists: Jessica Huber, Michelle Ettlin, Mélia Roger
with support from Anja Temperli, Anthon Astrom, Adrian Notz

With many thanks to our production partner:
Förderverein Hegnerhof, GZ Leimbach, GZ Buchegg, Vereinigung Freizeit Kloten, Kunstraum Walcheturm

The SONIC MATTER_village is supported by Genossenschaft Migros Zürich.

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