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Nadine Schütz
BiographyNadine Schütz (*1983), (((Echora))), Dr. sc. ETH, landscape acoustician and sound artist, born in Switzerland, lives and works in Paris. Nadine Schütz presents herself as a sound architect, or environmental interpreter. Drawing on both theoretical and poetic research, she explores the sonic landscape through compositions, performances, installations and atmospheres that relate space and listening, nature and music, urbanity and humanity. Her work has been presented in Zurich, Paris, Venice, Naples, New York, Moscow, Tokyo and Kyoto. Among her current projects for permanent sound installations in public space are Acoustic Niches for the forecourt of the new courthouse (Tribunal de Grande Instance) in Paris, Elementary Instruments for a new urban crossing over the rail tracks in Saint-Denis, and Jardins Amplifiés for the athlete's village of the 2024 Olympic games in Paris. For four years she headed the multimedia laboratory of the Landscape Institute at ETH Zurich, where she installed a new studio for the spatial simulation of sonic landscapes during her PhD Cultivating Sound finalized in 2017. She has taught at various architecture and art schools in Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Austria and Japan. Currently, she is a lecturer for Landscape Acoustics at ETH Zurich and artist in residence at IRCAM at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
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