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Jad Atoui

«Z4 Studio
Jad Atoui

From 24 November to 4 Dezember the soundartist and performer Jad Atoui will come to Zurich as the first holder of the «Z4 Studio Residency» at Zeughaus 4. Here he will work on further developing his installation «Vibrant Pools», which explores the multisensory experience of sound.

On Tuesday, 28 November 2023 at 7 p. m. in Zeughaus 4 / IFMZ, Zeughausstrasse 56, 8004 Zurich
Jad will give an insight into his work and a preview on his contributions to SONIC MATTER Festival 2023. Following the presentation we invite you to an aperitif on site.

The «Z4 Studio Residency» is a cooperation of IFMZ – Initiative Freie Musikszene Zürich with SONIC MATTER – Platform for Experimental Music and OTO Sound Museum.

About Jad Atoui

Jad Atoui is a Beirut-based sound artist and improviser whose work spans through live performance, compositions, installations, and workshops. He composes and performs electronic and electro-acoustic music. Jad has performed with musicians like John Zorn, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Anderson, Chuck Bettis, Tarek Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun. He has also given and co-directed workshops at Marfa Sounding, Ashkal Alwan and Beirut Synth Center. His commissioned work folio includes residencies at The Stone (NYC), The National Sawdust (NYC), Beirut Art Center, Arab Image foundation and The Sharjah Art Foundation.

During his formative years in New York, Atoui found interest in the New York avant-garde scene while working closely with NYC downtown musicians, learning improvised music techniques; along with working at The Stone and The Guggenheim museum.

In 2015, Atoui spearheaded the «Biosonics» project in collaboration with scientist Ivan Marazzi in order to incorporate bio-sonification of behaviors as compositional tools. The project was later published in John Zorn’s «Arcana Book Vol. XVIII» and premiered at The National Sawdust as part of The Stone’s commissioning series.

Jad's currently working with artist and musician Anthony Sahyoun on their Duo NP. They released their first album «Lattices» under Ruptured Label. Recent musical ventures also include joining Kinematik's «Ensemble 1: Al Jadi».

Jad Atoui at SONIC MATTER Festival 2023

About «Purge»

Jad Atoui, Performance «Purge» © Kira Kynd
Jad Atoui, Performance «Purge» © Kira Kynd

Solo live performance

Jad Atoui will be performing «Purge», a solo piece that reflects on his recent experimentations with modular synth, waves of galactic pads driven by distorted rhythmic bass and energetic noise.

About «Vibrant Pools»

Installation «Vibrant Pools» © Kira Kynd

Installation «Vibrant Pools» © Kira Kynd

«Vibrant Pools» is an installation that delves into the realm of acoustic resonance, focusing on the transformative power of sound when interacting with various objects through iterative recording and playback.

At the core of this installation lies the idea of immersing different objects, brass, glass and iron vases in particular, in the acoustic ambiance of a room and allowing their unique resonant frequencies to unfold. Each object contributes its distinctive character to the sonic tapestry of the room.

Borrowing from Alvin Lucier’s pioneering work around natural acoustics and their relation to space, the piece commences with gentle and atonal sounds transduced into objects, gradually introducing the listener to the subtle vibrations and harmonics hidden within these objects. As the iterative recording and playback process progresses, the sonic landscape begins to form dynamically. The interplay of resonances, overtones, and reverberations creates a rich mosaic of sound, resonating with the soul of the room.

Through the cyclical process of recording and playback, the objects' sonic personalities become more pronounced and vibrant, as if they are engaging in a symphony of their own conduction. The transformation is organic, with the room itself becoming an active participant in this sonic transfiguration, and a witness to the subtle musicality that surrounds objects daily.

«Vibrant Pools» is an embodied research into the life of objects and the poetics of space; it is a foray into their ontology and its relation to human subjectivity.