to Equity
and Diversity

Transformation takes collective imagination and ingenuity. It needs diverse perspectives and talents to shape a future of promise and to build a community where all have an opportunity to thrive. We are committed to taking action and to making changes that will bring equity to SONIC MATTER as a workplace, in our leadership, and in our programmes. Everyone should feel included and respected for their perspective, background and heritage. We acknowledge that this work is a process and will be ongoing.

To achieve our vision, we have identified core tenets that will distinguish our work for the coming years: Intentionality, access, the climate and accountability:

  • SONIC MATTER acknowledges that inclusion is intentional, and that a diversity of voices is critical to our success in achieving our vision. We will hence work towards the diversity of representation on our Board, within our partnerships and among our invited artists.
  • SONIC MATTER is aware of the challenges that exist when endeavouring to offer uncompromised accessibility. We are committed to working closely with our partners, supporting them in their efforts to make space for the different characteristics that each person brings.
  • SONIC MATTER aims to create and foster a positive and welcoming climate where we value, include, and support all that participate in our activities.
  • SONIC MATTER is committed to undergoing an annual review of this plan in order to review progress made and establish new objectives.